Intelliscan Inc. is a nationally recognized provider of data collection and reporting services used to conduct survey research and information gathering projects.

Our clients are Fortune 1000 marketing and market research departments, industry leading consultants and market research firms. We specialize in providing highly customized systems to our clients, scalable from small ad-hoc projects to enterprise wide, ongoing systems. 

Surveys Built Your Way

Every survey has its own specific components that make it unique. That’s why Intelliscan doesn’t offer a package that’s tailed to (almost) fit our clients’ needs.  Instead, we analyze those needs and design a system using our proven modules and techniques to precisely meet the requirement of each engagement. With this approach we’re able to meet even the most challenging tasks of design and deployment of surveys, integration with client systems, providing dashboard and reporting suites that show precisely the information needed by our customers to drive their businesses forward.  By designing systems in this manner, we are often able to significantly reduce project budgets. Our clients only pay for what their projects require.

Cross Platform Capabilties

Intelliscan designs its surveys to be compatible with any platform.

Survey and Data Collection Services

  • Online survey/data collection system programming and hosting for any scale project
  • Customizable online real-time reporting systems
  • Real-time downloads of data into EXCEL from online survey systems
  • Programming of PDF downloads that can be included on online sites
  • Survey dashboard system which provides immediate results to managers with permission based access included
  • Proprietary “Online File Cabinet” system enabling managers to call up specific survey returns based on response criteria
  • Automated email alerts to managers based on responses facilitates the ability to react quickly to negative ratings and also to applaud the highest ratings
  • Tracking systems to monitor follow up/case management to track action steps taken by managers and creating best practices over time
  • Online searchable image viewer systems for file storage and retrieval 

Technologies for Paper/Data Capture and Storage

  • Printing of scannable documents (Post card size through multi page booklets)
  • Full service mailing and fulfillment
  • Image scanning of returned forms
  • Key entry of verbatim
  • Translation and printing services for foreign language forms and websites
  • Electronic interpretation of results from scanned forms
  • Electronic warehousing of imaged forms
  • Online searchable image viewer systems for file storage and retrieval

Receiving a quote from Intelliscan is simple. 

All that’s needed is 10 minutes of your time.  You may call us directly at 610-935-6174 or email

Once Intelliscan receives a basic overview of the project, you will be emailed a comprehensive proposal and client reference list.