Intelliscan, Inc. is a nationally recognized provider of election services. Through our unparalleled customer service and dedication to detail, we have earned a reputation for excellence in the field. Since 1991, our services have been used to conduct board and bylaw elections for some of the most recognizable organizations in the country. Whether your organization needs online, paper ballot, telephone or hybrid voting, Intelliscan offers the expertise to deliver secure, accurate and cost effective elections. 


Over 150 organizations choose Intelliscan to administer their board and bylaw elections. Intelliscan’s services are ideally suited for the following types of organizations:

 Intelliscan’s election services include:

Online Elections

  • Election system and methodology consultation and design
  • Website design and hosting
  • SSL encryption
  • Voter login system and full security
  • Database management
  • Compatible on computer, phone and tablet.
  • Automated, personalized email notifications
  • Ballot receipt notifications
  • Real-time ballot counts and tally updates
  • Customized reporting of election results
  • Exit Surveys
  • Single Sign on Client’s website

Printed Elections

  • Database management
  • Election ballot design and printing, including variable race and candidate rotations
  • Printing of mailing pieces including cover letters, candidate statements and envelopes
  • Complete mailing services including postal sorts
  • Receipt and processing of ballot returns utilizing Optical Scanning
  • Customized reporting of election results

 Telephone Elections

  • Customized IVR systems
  • Database management
  • Designated toll free number
  • Secure PIN access
  • Real-time ballot counts
  • Data collection customization

These services can be utilized individually or combined as a hybrid election.

Cross Platform Capabilties

Intelliscan designs its elections to be compatible with any platform

Receiving an election services proposal from Intelliscan is simple. 

All that’s needed is 10 minutes of your time.  You may call us directly at 610-935-6176 or email

Once Intelliscan receives a basic overview of the election, you will be emailed a comprehensive proposal, online election demo and client reference list.