Cross Platform Capabilties

Intelliscan designs its surveys to be compatible with any platform.

Survey and Data Collection Services

  • Online survey/data collection system programming and hosting for any scale project
  • Customizable online real-time reporting systems
  • Real-time downloads of data into EXCEL from online survey systems
  • Programming of PDF downloads that can be included on online sites
  • Survey dashboard system which provides immediate results to managers with permission based access included
  • Proprietary “Online File Cabinet” system enabling managers to call up specific survey returns based on response criteria
  • Automated email alerts to managers based on responses facilitates the ability to react quickly to negative ratings and also to applaud the highest ratings
  • Tracking systems to monitor follow up/case management to track action steps taken by managers and creating best practices over time
  • Online searchable image viewer systems for file storage and retrieval 

Technologies for Paper/Data Capture and Storage

  • Printing of scannable documents (Post card size through multi page booklets)
  • Full service mailing and fulfillment
  • Image scanning of returned forms
  • Key entry of verbatim
  • Translation and printing services for foreign language forms and websites
  • Electronic interpretation of results from scanned forms
  • Electronic warehousing of imaged forms
  • Online searchable image viewer systems for file storage and retrieval

Receiving a quote from Intelliscan is simple. 

All that’s needed is 10 minutes of your time.  You may call us directly at 610-935-6174 or email

Once Intelliscan receives a basic overview of the project, you will be emailed a comprehensive proposal and client reference list.